About Us

My Name is Priyanshu Goel founder of Gyaan Store. When I was a student well I think we all are a student because we all are learning from someone in daily life regardless of age but when I was at that stage when I have to buy books for the studies I saw books are cheaper online as compare to my local shops, I was quite happy to see this but later on when I purchased I experienced the worst. I got the old edition for the book plus got no replacement that I researched a lot and find. When it comes to a student, buying books is essential for us to study but in the online space, we saw a massive mess.
The market is not organized due to being run by sellers,
1. Mrp of Some Products are shown higher than Actual one.
2. Sellers sell copied(not genuine) or old edition Products (Books).
3. Selling Price is higher than the Mrp of some products.
4. Some Products are not available.
5. Some are available but came late.
6. Most books have no proper image to show.

It happened to my relatives as well & then I recognize that people tend to purchase books from local shops majorly rather than online. well, this is not the whole reason but the major one. So we started Gyaan Store Our Company name is "GYANSTORE PRIVATE LIMITED". We are the young generation with an aim to provide Knowledge at the most affordable price out there in the market with a great experience.

Nothing happened in one day but we are trying to solve problems to create an organized market of education for customers to try our service & we promise to not disappoint you.